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Week in the life

Hi there!

I hope you’re well? I wanted to let you know that I’m planning to get started on my week in the life album this weekend.

What’s week in the life? Well, it’s a project that is the brainchild of Ali Edwards. The first week this year was 9-15 May. Ali offered a kit for purchase from her online shop. Ali still has some physical kits available for sale here. You can read all about the project on Ali’s blog.

This is my first year of participating in the project. I bought the kit last year but I never took part. I took some photos during the week but not a great deal. I’m ok with that. I’ve got to get my head around taking more photos, of taking more photos of the people in my life, of taking more photos of myself & of not being afraid to just snap a picture!

So, armed with my few photos on my phone & my album, I will set about printing my photos over the weekend & getting them into the pockets.

Lessons learned for next year? Write down the stories of each day. Don’t stress too much about not having enough photos.

That last thing? Not stressing too much? I’m trying to do that. Not stress. Yes, photos are great. They help capture a memory, a story. But so do words. The two go really well together. But each can work on their own just fine.

Thanks for stopping by,

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