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I’m back!

Hi everyone!!

I hope you are all well? I can’t believe it has been quite so long since i was last on here!!

Work has been crazy busy this past year which has contributed in the main to my blogging hiatus. I have been trying to find my groove again with my blogging & have lots (hopefully) to share here.

In the past year, I have re-discovered my love of cross stitch.  I started stitching in my mid-teens, stitched things & then gave up.  I “found” cross sticthing again in my mid-twenties, stitched some things & then gave up.  I then re-discovered this hobby again last year (mid-thirties) thanks massively in part to flosstube.  What an amazing community the stitching community is!! In recent months, i have resurrected my Instagram account for sharing my stitching progress. I have been admiring all of the wonderful projects that  al the very talented flosstubers have been sharing. I felt that I was encouraged to have a go at sharing my progress with the world.  I filmed my very first flosstube video last week now & after a few days of going back & forth, I decided that I would upload.  I am already absolutley amazed that anyone has watched it, let alone getting subscribers to my channel as a result of a (not great quality) video!

After filming my first video, I have learned quite a lot. There are definitely things I would do differently. That’s all part of the creative process, isn’t it? I have quite a hectic week coming up.  Work is only for 4 days this week, but you know how it gets crazy as you are approaching time off? My brother is getting married this coming weekend, so myself & chap have a trip down to London for the wedding.  We then both booked the following week off work, as we weren’t sure how long we were going to be staying in London after Saturday.  Either way, we have some time off together & hoepfully we will have some nice weather to go with it!

I am hoping to make some time in that week off to film another video to be uploaded, hopefully building on my last video & the lessons I have learned from the whole experience. I’m hoping that sharing my progress, haul, finishes and sttiching adventures along the way will be as an enjoyable process as it is for me watching everyone else’s video updates.

I’ve rambled on for long enough, I think! Anyways, I am back.  I appreciate that I have said that before here… and that I did come back (for a little bit) & then disappear again!! Let’s hope third time lucky, as they say!!

In case anyone is at all interested, you can find the link to my YouTube channel here, to view my first ever video – please be kind! 

Thanks so much for stopping by

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Hey there!

Hope everyone’s ok? 

Was scrolling through Pinterest whilst on the train home & came across something very exciting!! I thought I would share with you here. Ali Edwards is hosting an event on her Pinterest pages starting tomorrow, 17 June. 

Make sure you follow Ali in Pinterest & you can find out all the details & rules here to be in with with a chance to win an exciting prize!

You can find out more about the very talented Ali Edwards by visiting her website

Thanks for stopping by,

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A little bit obsessed…

Hi there! Hope everyone’s ok? It’s been a really horrible last few days here in the UK, not summer weather at all!!

I came home from work today to find a parcel through the letterbox. I just had to pop on here & share!

My latest Chic Sparrow notebook cover. I absolutely LOVE Chic Sparrow’s. This is a sidekick, & I was so do lucky to get my hands on one. You can find out all about the notebooks the very talented Jennifer Harvey has to offer, head over to the Chic Sparrow website here.

Thanks for stopping by

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I’m Back!!

It’s been a very long time since I was last here.  Almost 2 years. That’s scary.

A lot has been going on during that time, personal circumstances and life have all prevented me for popping on here to share projects with you.  After a while as well, I seemed to have just got out of the habit of posting here.

I have been creating projects along the way, although I have very little to share with you. However, I thought it was high time I got back on the preverbal horse and just get back into the swing of things.

I am going to try actually scheduling time to post on my blog to share my crafty makes or just to chit-chat.  Reflecting on my last attempts at blogging, I think this might be where I have been going wrong.

If I actually take the time to plan my blog posts out during the week, I might actually stand a chance at sticking to this.

Anyone else, found themselves in a bit of a mojo lull? Not really sure where to start again? That’s what I am going to use this opportunity for – a chance to start again. A renewed chance at my blogging adventure.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Creations in the kitchen

Hi there! The weather here in the UK has been a bit changeable of late… feeling more like autumn on occasion rather than late summer!

However, this weekend has been dry… it has not rained at all…. even being a brilliant day today…. So, what would be the best thing to do on a glorious day, I hear you cry?? Of course, the obvious answer would be…. do some baking in the kitchen!!! (I know that’s what you were thinking I was going to say, right?)

Yesterday, for lunch we had some American-style pancakes. We never got to experience these when we were in the States, but I’ve always wanted to try and make them. We had some eggs to use up – in our house we don’t eat eggs, they only ever get bought in order to make something… That something was Yorkshire Puddings… which we ended up not making… hence surplus of eggs… Natural solution was to make something. My other half searched the internet and came across this recipe here. They were absolutely fab… the batter made so many.


I put yoghurt on top of my mine… they were so delish!!!

I’ve got a confession to make…. I’ve got a hit of a obsession at the moment with Pinterest. I love looking at other people’s ideas for gifts, cards, food, clothing. It’s an amazing resource for everything. I have several boards, one for each type of thing that I’m interested in. So, due to my fascination with all things Pinterest, I came across this recipe for pretzels. So, guess what was for today’s lunch? (Now, I know you may be thinking, that we do have some strange things to eat in our house – and you would be right… on occasion we do!!) I have never made pretzels before but I would do again now… It was a bit strange to boil the pretzels in water…this seemed to make them really slimy and I thought they were not going to turn out well. Apart from catching a little, hey turned out pretty well. What do you think?


The picture above shows only one pretzel on a plate… That was pretzel number two (although I ended up not being able to eat them both!) I had mine with a little chilli cream cheese. Yum yum.

What have you been up to this weekend.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday, friends. Monday is waiting to pop it’s head around the corner for a new working week!

Thanks for stopping by.