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Week in the Life progress

Hi there!

As promised, I thought I would jump on here real quick to show you you progress in completing my Week in the Life album for this year.

So, yesterday was spent mainly focussing on choosing & printing my photos for each day.  As I mentioned on Friday, I didn’t take many photos during the course of the week, so I think each day will be quite short.  That’s OK though.  This is my first attempt at this project.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon choosing my photos for my front pages for each day. I had originally decided on just using 6×4 and 3×4 pockets for each day. However, after having a look at Ali Edwards’ final layout, I like the idea of a full page photo to start each day. I’m not sure what the back of each page protector will look like yet. I might mix it up a little thoughout the week. 

I’m really pleased with the final photos for the week.  

 This is my title page to the album. I’ve used my Amy Tangerine alpha stitch stencil kit. I intend to stamp the date underneath. I really like how this turned out. 

          This was my original set-up for each day. I may still end up using some of these pockets, we’ll see how the project evolves. All cards above were included in the Week in the Life 2016 kit from Ali Edwards. 

    I used the This/Was week layered templates available from Ali’s digital shop. I made a blank template the correct size for what I wanted (6×8) and brought in the photo I wanted & also the relevant day overlay. I alternated between was & is throughout the week. I left off the date of record layer as I will be adding this on other places throughout the album. 

Here are the finished photos for the week.

I really like how they turned out.

I had hope to have got my other photos printed out today. However, after getting the food shopping done this morning, I had some work to do ahead of work tomorrow; so I didn’t get as much done today as I would have hoped. 

I should get done time this week in the evenings to get some additional work done on the album. 

You can grab the layered templates I used from Ali’s shop here and the Week in the Life physical kit with album here.

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Week in the life

Hi there!

I hope you’re well? I wanted to let you know that I’m planning to get started on my week in the life album this weekend.

What’s week in the life? Well, it’s a project that is the brainchild of Ali Edwards. The first week this year was 9-15 May. Ali offered a kit for purchase from her online shop. Ali still has some physical kits available for sale here. You can read all about the project on Ali’s blog.

This is my first year of participating in the project. I bought the kit last year but I never took part. I took some photos during the week but not a great deal. I’m ok with that. I’ve got to get my head around taking more photos, of taking more photos of the people in my life, of taking more photos of myself & of not being afraid to just snap a picture!

So, armed with my few photos on my phone & my album, I will set about printing my photos over the weekend & getting them into the pockets.

Lessons learned for next year? Write down the stories of each day. Don’t stress too much about not having enough photos.

That last thing? Not stressing too much? I’m trying to do that. Not stress. Yes, photos are great. They help capture a memory, a story. But so do words. The two go really well together. But each can work on their own just fine.

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Hey there!

Hope everyone’s ok? 

Was scrolling through Pinterest whilst on the train home & came across something very exciting!! I thought I would share with you here. Ali Edwards is hosting an event on her Pinterest pages starting tomorrow, 17 June. 

Make sure you follow Ali in Pinterest & you can find out all the details & rules here to be in with with a chance to win an exciting prize!

You can find out more about the very talented Ali Edwards by visiting her website

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Project Life

Hi there! I hope you’re going ok? I have been really getting into Project Life style scrapbooking in the last year or so. I really love it. 

I want to give you advance warning of the length of this post… You may want to get a cup of tea before you continue! 

My love for this style of scrapbooking started a couple of years ago when I was finishing my Japan scrapbooks. I was lucky enough to get to visit this amazing country over 10 years ago. I had started to scrapbook all my photos shortly after my trip, but then I lost enthusiasm for traditional scrapbooking & put my album away. It gathered dust for many years until I decided to revisit my layouts. 

I don’t consider myself to be any kind of scrapbooker, I have learnt what I have been doing for the last couple of years by watching YouTube & soaking up all the amazing spreads very talented people put together. When I flicked through the pages I had already completed, I did not like them one bit! They seemed so basic & I felt the need to pull the photos up from the layouts & start again. Reflecting back now, perhaps I was a little too harsh on myself. My origins layouts had been completed about 10 years ago… Things were different back then. 

I spent a good chunk of time pulling up the photos I had already stuck down on these completed pages & tried to salvage them (I had no spare copies of these photos!) for use on new layouts. About this time, I discovered Project Life & was delighted to see that you could purchased digital versions of the journaling & filler cards to be able to print off as you liked. I started to collect these cards & was itching to use them. 

Here’s a look at some of my pages before they were re-designed:

As you can see, some of my photos & memorabilia had been cut into weird shapes. This would prove to be a challenge. Here’s a look at how I transformed some these pages:

I really liked how these turned out. I embraced the strange shaped photos & went with it! I added journaling to some of those cards later from what I had written down on the original pages & referring to my journal from my trip. 

I am so glad that I kept a journal whilst I was there as it helped massively when it came to writing the stories down from the adventure. 

As I was working through this album, in chronological order, I was starting to find the odd day where I had too many photos for one layout & not enough for 2. Or my photos were the old style panoramic ones which wouldn’t fit without really chopping them up. 

I found myself starting to incorporate the odd pocket-page/project life style page protector & just found it so much easier & quicker. I then started to add more & more to my albums, until I ended up completing this style for every layout going forward. 

I just love it so much & still can’t believe the simplicity of it. I don’t say that to belittle the style of scrapbooking at all. As someone who was not a scrapbooker, I found 12×12 layouts more than a little daunting. The idea that you can slip photos into pockets & write the story of the photos of the day into a small card to sit in the pocket next to it is amazing. If that’s all you wish to do, you can. If you want to embellish your cards or add things to your photos you can do. You can do whatever you would like to do. You can read all about Project Life here

I then embarked on a proper project life style scrapbook album, but choosing to document the highlights of my month rather than the weekly format preferred by most. I started that project last year & am onto my second album! I made the switch in April to the weekly format to see how that works. So far? It’s working out well. Some weeks, it feels as though there isn’t much to document but that’s ok. I can fill the empty spot with a filler card. 

My completed albums now sit on the bookcase in my front room so they can be pulled out & flicked through. 

If anyone would be interested in a video flip-through of any of my albums, let me know in the comments below. I’ve never filmed anything before, but willing to give it a go!! 

Sorry once again for the lengthy post. 

Thanks for stopping by,